Time is the only resource that is allocated to us on equal measures. However, the difference between a successful individual and a failure is how they manage their time. Proper management of this vital resource guarantees you immense success. However, this does not mean that successful people spend all their days and nights pursuing their goals. They simply utilize the few hours that they have.

Probably you have been trying to manage your time properly, but things have not been going the way you want. Don’t worry; here are the eight killer time management tips that can make you achieve more in whichever field that you are pursuing.

1. Know Your Priorities

Everything may be good, but only a few of them are essential. This includes the tasks that you are supposed to do in a day. Although all of them are significant to your life, they differ in their levels of importance. Some are essential while others don’t require immediate attention. The simplest way of distinguishing between these two groups is by preparing a list of priorities. Some tasks should be at the top of the list while others can be tossed back or even delegated. By establishing your priorities, you will be able to do away with the pressure that comes with having uncompleted jobs. You will also pay special attention to important tasks and at the end get high-quality results.

2.Avoid Multitasking

Even though you may have several tasks staring at you, do not be attempted to multitask. Many people assume that multitasking helps them complete many tasks within a short time. In reality, you will be doing less. The quality of work done through multitasking is usually low. Our brains perform at their peak when we focus on one subject at a time. While multitasking, you will be subjecting your brain to some torture. You will also not give the tasks special attention that they deserve. At the end of it, you will spend more hours and even deliver poor quality results.

3.Consolidate Routine Tasks and Allocate Time to them

No matter what time of day it is, there are those tasks that you cannot avoid doing. For instance, you cannot avoid making phone calls, replying text messages or submitting those daily reports. Regardless of their importance, they can affect the quality of your job if you keep doing them when working. So, what should you do? Just consolidate all these routine tasks and allocate them their special time. Do not mix with important tasks at hand.

Set a special time during the day such that you will dedicate it to all the routine tasks. Reply to all the emails that were sent, make phone calls and draft the reports. This will help you to save many working hours.

4.Set up Deadlines

Working without deadlines sounds cool but only to those that are lazy and not time conscious. Deadlines keep you on your toes. You won’t lazy around since you will be aware that there are some tasks that you need to complete within a specific time. The most important question that your deadline should answer is, when should the task be finished? Setting your deadlines will be of no importance if you don’t stick to them. No matter how much freedom you have, be disciplined and try to work within them. Once you achieve them, don’t shy away from celebrating. Doing this will motivate you stick to other deadlines in the future.

5.Avoid stress

High levels of stress will definitely affect your levels of productivity. In addition to that, it will make you spend more time in executing a task. When stressed, we spend more hours trying to think about our problems and how we can get their ideal solutions. Even when the task at hand is of high priority, your mind will not be there. You will only focus on it for some few minutes then revert to the issue that is disturbing your mind. When dealing with any task, try to avoid thinking about stressful issues that will disorient you.


Scheduling is all about creating plans. Do you ever design a plan for your day or everything happens randomly? Scheduling will protect you from all types of distractions. Instead, you will be able to stick to all the tasks without being affected by any external factors.

Scheduling your day is not a difficult task. All you need is a paper and a pen. Once you are done with drafting, stick it somewhere that you will be able to see with ease. At the end of the day, try to crosscheck what you had planned to do and what you have managed to achieve. Schedule your tasks at night before going to bed or early in the morning. Nowadays we even have computer applications and mobile apps that can help you to organize your day properly.

7.Get Rid of Distractions

Studies show that a normal worker is likely to be distracted by technology after every ten minutes. Some of the most common distracters include emails, social media, and even video gaming. Some of the distracters are addictive and once you take a break to do them, you may never get back to continue with the job. The most effective way of dealing with them is to turn off all notifications on your browser.

When it comes to mobile phone, just turn it off when working. You can also download some computer software that will block those websites that tend to waste your time.

8.Learn to Say No

Most people fear to say no to any temptation that comes on their way. They do this, yet they are fully aware of how a “yes” will affect their level of productivity. Learn to turn down many requests that are brought to you and instead put that energy in dealing with the tasks at hand. You should also say no to lucrative but short-term offers from your colleagues.


Whether you are trying to fulfill your personal goals or working as a team, how you manage your time will determine where you will reach. The tips in the article will improve your time management skills and make you a better person.